• Catechesis

    Christ and the cross are inseparable

    By Fr. Roy Cimagala TO profess a Christianity with Christ but without the cross is unthinkable. Christ and the cross are inseparable. And that’s simply because it is through the cross that our

    Lent and its implications

    By Fr. Roy Cimagala   WE are once again in the season of Lent. It’s a period of preparation for the greatest event in the history of mankind—the passion, death and resurrection of

    Stripping the Altars on Holy Thursday

    By Fr. Edward McNamara Q: Is the stripping of the altar following the Mass of the Lord's Supper on Holy Thursday limited only to those altars upon which the Mass was celebrated? Do altars in

    Color of the Veil for the Cross

    By Fr. Edward McNamara Q: In the new Roman Missal the color for covering the cross is violet; however, the color is red for the vestments. I have noticed that different churches do red and some

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